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008: Jason Momoa

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Jason Momoa was the FIRST one to audition for GAME OF THRONES and the LAST one cast a year later. His cousins impact on his life helped him make a strong choice that ultimately landed him the role. But it took him a few years and a couple of classes to trust his instinctive strong choices and learn how to “audition”. BAYWATCH discovered him in his native home of Hawaii among a 1300 person cattle call. Jason responded to a radio call announcing the audition that would pay him more than the daily rate of folding T-shirts at the family owned surf shop. Jason’s unique look has always made him a different choice but also made opportunities few and far between. So Jason, with many of his close friends, formed the production company Pride of Gypsies which has made Jason into an all around film maker, writing, producing, directing and acting.

Jason will always be remembered for his unforgettable role as Drogo in season one of GAME OF THRONES. Currently, Jason is Aquaman in the DC Comics JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN in 2018. Check out Pride of Gypsies’ BROWN BAG DIARIES, ROAD TO PALOMA and BRAVEN.

Listen to the unforgettable stories that landed Jason Momoa right HERE.

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