078: Paul Adelstein

078: Paul Adelstein

078: Paul Adelstein 1500 750 Alyshia Ochse

Today we chat with Paul Adelstein, from Private Practice, Prison Break, Scandal, and Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, as he lays out his 30 year career for us, sharing some of the most inspirational, motivational, and insightful stories, and how he’s managed to turn countless challenges into opportunities to win.

Beginning in Chicago, he began his career as a member of John Cusack’s commedia-style theatre company. We talk about how the rigor of this group prepared him for anything, and as he shares with us here, there was a lot to be prepared for. From the jobs he’s lost, to the ones that have come to define his career, he’s unappologetically honest about what it takes to persevere and stay focused, even when everything seems to be falling apart. From a pre-audition pep-talk from John Travolta, to a meeting with Shonda Rhimes that lead to a direct offer, his journey proves that things always work themselves out, and often lead to beautiful, seemingly fortuitous, full-circle moments that make an artistic life worth the uncertainty and risk.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, whether you’re at a peak, or feel stuck in a valley, today’s conversation is for you. Full of encouragement and optimism, this bird’s-eye-view of a career is a reminder that things are always working out for good. Your good and for the good of great storytelling.

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“It’s all storytelling. Whether you’re acting or writing or directing. It’s all service of the story.”

“Bloom where you’re planted, keep moving forward.”


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