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011: Carlos PenaVega

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Carlos PenaVega is known for his singing and acting on the hit Nickelodeon show BIG TIME RUSH but now his fans get to experience him on a daily basis through his hit show Lex Loves Los on YouTube. With a growing desire to make his own content, Carlos began documenting behind the scenes footage while traveling the world to sold out concerts. This skill came in handy and made him think outside the box for developing his brand. Carlos shares the long road to booking the job that changed his life, to the survival skills of staying afloat in this business to single handedly changing the course of his life when he moved to Hawaii.

Carlos is currently plays Diego on the new CW show Life Sentence and is producing to two new shows with his wife Alexa PenaVega for IM Global.

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010: Lane Garrison

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Lane Garrison accepted a dare in his senior year of high school and auditioned for the chorus line in the school musical. He didn’t get it, but it gave him the confidence to explore that side of himself. A true Texan boy filled with grit and growth he didn’t follow the rules, he only followed the intensity of his calling to make movies. After graduation he followed his instincts and headed west. But it didn’t come easy for Lane, it took over 6 years to get a theatrical agent. Lane didn’t give himself a backup plan, instead he strategized and worked hard to make opportunities happen for himself. After Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s Oscar win for Goodwill Hunting, Lane figured his way into the acting world would be to write himself the part. A deal made over a 10 mile run and a game of basketball with Adam Sandler landed him with the biggest agents in Hollywood. Listen in to hear how Lane followed the “clues to his success” landing him in dynamic roles in Quality of Life, Shooter, Camp Xray, Prison Break, Bonnie and Clyde, From Dusk till Dawn, Better Call Saul, and Roots. The role on Roots garnered Lane a Critics’ Choice Award Nomination for “Best Supporting Actor In A Movie Made For Television Or Miniseries.

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“Once you start to overcome your own fears and your own self doubts, then you can really start to rise.”

“Coincidences are God’s way of staying anonymous.” TWEET THIS

“Success leaves clues.” TWEET THIS



009: Gillian Vigman

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Gillian Vigman deems herself a late bloomer to the acting game, but she has always been an entertainer. She hailed from Second City in Chicago, but didn’t give Los Angeles a try till she was 30 years old. A comedic genius with a self-depricating heart of gold, this woman knows how to make the uncomfortable job of auditioning into a humorous experience for everyone involved. Life has come full circle for Gillian from being taught by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler back in Chicago to now sharing the screen with them. Gillian held down multiple jobs for years to support her craft and find her “special something” that made her stand out from the crowd. Comedy. Life with Gillian is a constant chuckle, even as she journeys down the tragic moments of her career, she does so with such wit and amusement. You don’t want to miss a moment of what might come out of this woman’s mouth. Her story defies the Hollywood idealism of age and success. Her amusing approach to auditions has left an impactful imprint on my heart and to the Hollywood casting gods. Gillian has worked in over 70 television and film projects and countless commercial campaigns. She is most recognizable as “Jack’s wife” in many Jack in the Box commercials and Bradley Cooper’s wife in all the Hangover movies, but also for notable for her membership in the recurring cast of comedians on the sketch series MADtv. Gillian appeared in the critcially acclaimed show Son’s & Daughters, Californication, New Girl, Suburgatory, Parks and Recreation, Dr. Ken, Life in Pieces, and Scrubs.

Gillian currently can be seen in THE HOUSE with Amy Poehler and Will Ferrel, in HBO’s show DIVORCE and new CW show LIFE SENTENCE.

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Jason Momoa on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

008: Jason Momoa

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Jason Momoa was the FIRST one to audition for GAME OF THRONES and the LAST one cast a year later. His cousins impact on his life helped him make a strong choice that ultimately landed him the role. But it took him a few years and a couple of classes to trust his instinctive strong choices and learn how to “audition”. BAYWATCH discovered him in his native home of Hawaii among a 1300 person cattle call. Jason responded to a radio call announcing the audition that would pay him more than the daily rate of folding T-shirts at the family owned surf shop. Jason’s unique look has always made him a different choice but also made opportunities few and far between. So Jason, with many of his close friends, formed the production company Pride of Gypsies which has made Jason into an all around film maker, writing, producing, directing and acting.

Jason will always be remembered for his unforgettable role as Drogo in season one of GAME OF THRONES. Currently, Jason is Aquaman in the DC Comics JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN in 2018. Check out Pride of Gypsies’ BROWN BAG DIARIES, ROAD TO PALOMA and BRAVEN.

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007: Tommy Dewey

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Tommy Dewey may seem casually cool and like he has it all figured out in this business, but it took “letting go” of perfection to land the jobs on CASUAL and THE MINDY PROJECT that made him feel like he could truly relax and embrace a fully realized character. A collegiate track runner at Princeton University, Tommy had big plans for Wall Street signing up for the LSAT twice. On hiatus from a stress fracture, Tommy accepted a challenge to audition for the two coveted spots in Princeton’s improv troupe. No acting experience, but a innate sense of comedic timing and his sports driven ambitious nature landed him one of the two coveted roles out of 100 actors. Tommy not only secured the spot in the group, he eventually was the troupe’s director and writer. Law School was still waiting for Tommy, but Tommy challenged himself with a summer intensive at RODA and now attributes his success to his fall back plan being writing. Yes, this guy can write! Tommy took a year off of acting to create and run the writer’s room for his own show “Sons of Tucson.” Listen in to hear how Tommy deals with nerves, how he runs a casting session for his shows, what really gets you the job, how to stay in the game and how his back up plan now is writing.

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“If you can get to that point where you can relax enough to give them your version of the person, even if they like it or not, you are going to start in a much better place.”
“I was always off book, I wanted to land everything perfectly, but that is not what acting is…acting is what happens in the ethers between two people.”
“Auditioning should be much more of a mess. I mean it should be messy and always searching. The key is being present and creating whatever it is in the ether between whoever you are working with. That’s what the camera needs to see. Not you saying it perfectly.”

006: Merle Dandridge

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Merle was born in Okinawa, Japan to a mother of Korean and Japanese descent and an African-American father serving in the U.S Force. Growing up in Nebraska,but not into football, Merle didn’t know where she fit. A friend encouraged Merle to choose drama as a study because she was told it was “easy”. Little did Merle know that the drama department would be the community she had been longing for and that expression would give her the platform to explore social conditions and and the emotions that must be exposed to understand and accept each other. Merle graduated college and had a wild inclination that New York was where she needed to be to fulfill her purpose. With $107 in her pock, a packed Uhaul and an ailing kitten, she drove to New York and landed in the sea of many hopeful artist. Merle was still figuring out what was cool and learning everything on the fly. At the time a non-equity actor, she heard that everyone in town was going to audition for “Jesus Christ Superstar”, so she decided to learn a song and stand in line at 4am to hopefully be given the opportunity to audition. At 1pm the casting director not only called her in to the room, but gave her the space and the light to shine. Even though most things came to Merle very easily, she was still doing what she considers “on the job” training and chasing after an idea or feeling of what it is to be an actress. After a job replaced her, a blessing in disguise, Merle accredits her acting coach Warner Loughlin for giving her the strength and confidence to approach every role with ease and unwavering sense of responsibility to the intention and message of the role. After working three jobs to support her theater career, Merle Dandridge landed herself in the company of Oprah and now holds the honor of portraying Grace on OWN’s hit show, GREENLEAF. This woman’s 25 year journey is nothing short of resilient, spiritual, and guided.

Merle Dandridge currently can be seen critically acclaimed show “Greenleaf” on OWN network and will be on Broadway for the rest of 2017 in the play “Once on this Island”.

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“I wanted to do theater that didn’t let people look away from the ugly.  I wanted to do stuff that shined a light on a social condition or just made you look at the things you didn’t want to look at.  Examine it, feel it, and create understanding.  Because if we have understanding of something that we don’t know about then we can cross that divide.”
“The flow is happening.”
“You know if it’s for you or not for you.”
“You’re never walled in for no reason, you are walled in to deflect you to where you are suppose to go.” CLICK TO TWEET
“Beyond this job, I can have confidence in the steps of my journey.  Even if they are uncomfortable, because they are going to change and grow me for what I am suppose to be doing.”
“In retrospect, authenticity is always the thing.  Just being yourself, bringing what you know are your gifts as a human being.  The journey is to elucidate your authenticity.”

005: Julie Benz

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NYU graduate Julie Benz has worked, developing a career that has ridden high waves as a series regular on several TV shows…but she still auditions and LOVES it. By the time Julie Benz was 16 years old she had retired from her professional career as a figure skater due to an injury and was dragged by her Mom to her first audition. Julie got cast in the play and loved it. But Julie didn’t feel like she was a “natural” at acting and enrolled at the drama department at NYU, plus took additional acting classes in the city to get more experience. When NYU tried to kick her out for auditioning for a pilot, a tenured teacher put her reputation on the line and said she would quit teaching if Julie was kicked out of the program. Three years later, Julie graduated NYU and ran to Hollywood. Julie isn’t a prude, but she insists there must be a financial transaction to see her in a bikini. This smart and savvy woman stands her ground and respects her craft, yet will bravely put her raw “makeup free” heart and soul into an audition. Listen in to hear how accepting Vampire Girl #1 for Buffy the Vampire Slayer impacted her career and set the foundation of being on a short list for studios. Here she shares her “most favorite things” about acting, auditioning and The Secret gratitude journal.

Julie Benz currently can be seen critically acclaimed show Dexter, Defiance, Hawaii Five-0 and constant reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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“Roles come into your life at certain time when you need them. Not only do I inform the character, but the character helps inform my life. It’s a synergy that happens with characters.”

Katheryn Winnick on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

004: Katheryn Winnick

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Katheryn Winnick now stars in the History Channel critically acclaimed show Vikings in the iconic role of Lagertha, but it took 14 years to find the right role to really embrace and represent Katheryn’s unique strength as a double black belt holder in Tae Kwon Do and Karate. Katheryn started her journey into acting by getting fired off of her first set by being too enthralled in the realism of the major action on set and instinctively starting to yell in the scene as a background artist. Her mother picked her up from set and Katheryn defiantly held her head high and told her Mom, “One day I’m going to be a lead actress and they won’t be able to fire me.” Katheryn is not only a lead actress, she is critically acclaimed and is on the short list for every major studio. Katheryn’s business savvy skills as a young child made her the proud owner of three Tae Kwon Studios by the age of 21. When she started to pursue acting in New York in her early 20s she avoided having the torturous struggling artists syndrome because she had a thriving lucrative empire back in Toronto.

After being chosen to be on the first season of “The It Factor” Katheryn landed an influential theatrical agent and started making creatively bold choices in the audition room that garnered attention from casting directors on both coasts. The self-taught, introspective woman studied her own feelings and gave herself her own assessment of each audition by keeping an audition journal. This journal allowed her to see and identify her strengths and weaknesses in the audition room. This journal allowed her to be more free with herself and the feelings she had in the audition that ultimately illuminated a courageous, thoughtfully crafted career that many seek to have.

Katheryn Winnick can be seen in the 5th season of History’s show Vikings, in The Dark Tower opposite Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba and in Call of Duty WWII video game.



“No one is going to give anything to you.  You’ve got to work hard for yourself.” CLICK TO TWEET
“Your dreams are only as big as your vision, so why not shoot for being the best version of yourself.” CLICK TO TWEET
“Tae Kwon Do taught me discipline, developed my mental focus, and along with my upbringing, provided me with a strong work ethic.”
“I don’t need to get the feedback, I don’t need to get the job.  I just need to know if my two minutes was worth it for me.  So I started journaling as a way of letting go.”

003: Damon Dayoub

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Damon Dayoub didn’t dream of being an actor, he was working 90 hour weeks in El Paso, TX managing bars and decided he needed a hobby.  That hobby landed him in Los Angeles at the mercy of some of the best casting directors looking out for him.  Damon worked hard on his new found love of acting and started crafting a career by learning some tough lessons, taking chances and being humble.  Many of Damon’s job have been from a few casting elites who have an eye for greatness and trust his instincts.  Damon landed his first TV guest star role on the show, The Whole Truth (2010) casted by Michael Testa.  Damon has also appeared on shows such as, Brothers & SistersSingle Ladies, Dallas, NCIS, and The Last Ship.
Damon currently plays Detective Quincy Fisher on the third season of Freeform’s Stitchers (also cast by Michael Testa) and will be seen on the big screen later this year in Danger One.

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“If you don’t care, it frees you up to fail. It allows you to do some really shitty stuff. But in that really bad, messy work, some of the best work you’ve ever done will emerge.”

002: Ravi Patel

002: Ravi Patel 1500 1000 Alyshia Ochse

Ravi Patel has been in over 70 national commercials, films and TV shows, most notably Transformers, Scrubs, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Comedians, Master of None, and Grandfathered BUT Ravi never intended on acting. In fact, Ravi planned on a career in finance. After faking his transcripts to secure a more reputable job, Ravi discovered that the finance world was not his cup of tea. His journey into acting is filled with serendipitously spontaneous adventures paving the way for Ravi being a recognizable face in your living room. An impromptu emcee job led to casting calls. A Ryan Seacrest billboard led to a stick figure drawn headshot that put Ravi’s natural improv skills on display in Michael Bay’s film Transformers. The well-circulated press trailer for Transformers was mostly Ravi’s small, but impactful, hilarious scene that grabbed the attention of a theatrical agent and several other opportunities in television.

Ravi has since learned that making your own projects levels the playing field. Making acting his business changed his effortless “I don’t care attitude” about acting into an impactful, appreciative, invested storyteller that has secured his spot in the entertainment world. Meet the Patels, an autobiographical documentary he made with his sister, Geeta Patel, was a compilation and inspiration of all of Ravi’s favorite storytellers from Wood Allen and Wes Anderson to Arrested Development, Seinfeld, This American Life, and American Splendor. His acting career taught him how to appreciate the art, but how taking it seriously can lead to existential crisis.

Ravi currently can be seen in the WB’s Wrecked and the film Bandaid.

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“The richer and more interesting you can make your life outside of acting, I think the better your acting can do.” CLICK TO TWEET

“Happiness is a hedge fund. Happiness in life comes from all different endeavors and sources. When you’re an actor it is very easy to put all your emotional eggs in one basket and that works against you if you want to be successful. So to put yourself in the best situation to succeed, try to fill up those buckets of happiness that you can that are outside of acting such as your physical health, your mental health, spiritual health.”


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