RE-RELEASE: Tommy Dewey

RE-RELEASE: Tommy Dewey

RE-RELEASE: Tommy Dewey 1500 750 Alyshia Ochse


Tommy Dewey may seem casually cool and like he has it all figured out in this business, but it took “letting go” of perfection to land the jobs on CASUAL and THE MINDY PROJECT that made him feel like he could truly relax and embrace a fully realized character. A collegiate track runner at Princeton University, Tommy had big plans for Wall Street signing up for the LSAT twice. On hiatus from a stress fracture, Tommy accepted a challenge to audition for the two coveted spots in Princeton’s improv troupe. No acting experience, but a innate sense of comedic timing and his sports driven ambitious nature landed him one of the two coveted roles out of 100 actors. Tommy not only secured the spot in the group, he eventually was the troupe’s director and writer. Law School was still waiting for Tommy, but Tommy challenged himself with a summer intensive at RODA and now attributes his success to his fall back plan being writing. Yes, this guy can write! Tommy took a year off of acting to create and run the writer’s room for his own show “Sons of Tucson.” Listen in to hear how Tommy deals with nerves, how he runs a casting session for his shows, what really gets you the job, how to stay in the game and how his back up plan now is writing.

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“If you can get to that point where you can relax enough to give them your version of the person, even if they like it or not, you are going to start in a much better place.”

“I was always off book, I wanted to land everything perfectly, but that is not what acting is…acting is what happens in the ethers between two people.”

“Auditioning should be much more of a mess. I mean it should be messy and always searching. The key is being present and creating whatever it is in the ether between whoever you are working with. That’s what the camera needs to see. Not you saying it perfectly.”


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