Skyh Black

Being Okay with Not Knowing the How

Skyh Black

Skyh Black 820 410 Alyshia Ochse

Rising star, Skyh Black, knows what it’s like to experience full transformation as an artist. Starting out as a dancer to some of the biggest music names in the business, Skyh can now be seen lighting up the screen as Amp ‘Addiction’ Anthony in BET’s “All the Queen’s Men,” as well as roles in “Sistas,” “Stranger Next Door,” and more. Today, Skyh shares how he built a new career as an actor from the ground up and emphasizes how everyone is on their own unique journey as an artist.

These are the unforgettable stories that landed Skyh Black right here.



  • A Haitian Wedding
  • Stranger Next Door
  • All the Queen’s Men
  • Sistas
  • Lace
  • Black Monday
  • Lucifer
  • South Central Love
  • Hello Cupid 3.0


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