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Brandon Scott on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

S2 026: Brandon Scott

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Tribe Vibe Mentality: The Importance of Community

Brandon Scott currently stars in the fourth and final season of Amazon’s GOLIATH, alongside Billy Bob Thornton, J.K. Simmons, and Bruce Dern among others. He recently starred in the Netflix hit DEAD TO ME as Linda Cardellini’s love interest and former detective whom may be getting closer to the truth behind the murder mystery at the center of the series. Christina Applegate and James Marsden also star. Scott also starred in the latest season of the CBS All Access series STRANGE ANGEL. He is recurring on Netflix’s 13 REASONS WHY and NBC’s THIS IS US.

Scott had a supporting role in the critically acclaimed limited series GUERRILLA, which premiered on Showtime. The six-episode series about a politically active couple trying to change the world in 1970s London was from creator-writer-producer John Ridley and EP/co-star Idris Elba.

Scott also appeared as the lead in the third and fourth installments of the anthology series CHANNEL ZERO for SyFy and Creator Nick Antasoca.

After graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Brandon Scott moved to Los Angeles and quickly landed a memorable role as Dr. Ryan Spalding on GREY’S ANATOMY. Soon after, he participated in the ABC Diversity Talent Showcase and garnered an overall talent deal with ABC/ABC Studios.

Over the course of his career, he has had notable guest star spots on shows such as THE MIDDLE, MASTERS OF SEX, and STITCHERS, as well as a recurring role on MTV’s LOOSLEY EXACTLY NICOLE.

Scott has also made a dent in the film world, having played a lead role in the indie VILLAGE PEOPLE. He has also made film cameos in Lakeshore’s STAND-UP GUYS (opposite Christopher Walken and Al Pacino) and Disney’s WRECK IT RALPH. His other voice-over work includes stand-out characters in the acclaimed video games, THE LAST OF US and UNCHARTED 4.

Hobbies include producing theater with his two LA based companies, recent Ovation award winning IAMA Theatre and Ammunition Theatre. He also performs with his Hip Hop/Soul band, Sin City. Scott is repped by Sweeney Entertainment and Innovative Artists.



“I love the idea that we, as artists, can connect the dream world to reality.”

“Where I’m hoping to move more into is being comfortable in, and loving, the mistakes and the unknown and the discoveries.”

“Be kind to yourself.”



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Ben Lawson on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

057: Ben Lawson

057: Ben Lawson 1500 750 Alyshia Ochse

This conversation with Ben Lawson is true look inside a working actors highs and lows; how long it can take for a casting director to find that perfect project for you, his first experience on the set of a huge movie, and what it feels like to lose your confidence and then gain it back in spades. Sometimes it might take 6 months in New York City to shift your focus, to unblock the fear around auditioning and booking and trust in your own artistry. This conversation is about the journey in an actors career, not about the destination.

Ben Lawson is an Australian film and television actor best known for his portrayal Damien Rennett in ABC’s “Designated Survivor,” Netflix’s hit series “13 Reasons Why,” as Coach Rick, and “The Deep End.” He has guest starred and featured in various shows, including “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,” “Grim,” “Billions,” “Modern Family,” iZombie,” “Love Child,” and “Secrets & Lies.” He began his 26 year career in the popular Australian soap opera “Neighbours.”

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“The waiting is the hardest part.”

“Something has to shift, so I’m going to shift myself. I got on a plane and went to another city, the only other city in America where you really can properly pursue a career in acting.”

BONUS: Jennifer Cooper

BONUS: Jennifer Cooper 1500 1000 Alyshia Ochse

BONUS EPISODE with Casting Director Jennifer Cooper. A true peak into one of the biggest television casting directors. Currently casting over five major network television series. Casting over 500 episodic shows, Jen knows a two or thing about a good audition or a bad audition. Acting is what got her in the game, casting is what won her heart over. Jen casts for talent and truly spends the time building a partnership with the actor, producer and director.

This is the unforgettable journey into Jennifer Cooper’s rise in shaping and pushing the boundaries on the revolutionary medium of Television.

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“Three weeks after interning at a casting office, I knew I didn’t want to be an actress.”

“I was always more passionate about giving direction or being a part of the process.”

“I realize now what it takes to be an actress, you have to wake up and be dying to do this or you have to do something else.”

“Giovanni Ribisi left the casting office and I fell to the floor and said that it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.”

“Just being in the casting sessions with the producers, directors and Mali Finn and the actors, the creative process, I was immediately in love.”

“The thing with acting is you’re always one step away from winning the lottery.”

“But most people it is this slow and steady climb to building a body of work; it can take 20, 30, 40 years to get there.”

“Audition process gives you a opportunity to work through it and be readjusted and find the path out before you are put in front of the people that make the decisions.”

“Ultimately, my job is to work with the actor as a partner to put their best foot forward.”

“Casting directors are people, remember they are on your team, they want to

“Every minute that I didn’t find the right person, I have to keep looking. Every single person that walks into the room, I am crossing my fingers that THIS is the person.”

“With casting directors, you are trying to earn the relationship not get the job. Build a family of people that support your work.”

“Number one bad audition comes from trying to ‘stand out’ versus being in the character or story.”

“Actors do the most insane things when they are focused on being remembered or booking a job.”

“If I put out a one line co-star, I usually get 2000 submissions.”

“There is some element of climbing in this business. Showing up on the first day doesn’t mean that you are ready to be a series regular.”

“If I put out a guest star, I will usually get 1000 submission and I pick about 12 people to come in and read.”

“If you spend your energy developing who you are then make that so incredibly unique to you and what you bring, then all of a sudden they (networks) come knocking on your door.”

“There is no path. There is no answer. Moments that you take a chance, if that doesn’t work, you try something else.”

“How ever you envisioned this (acting) happening to you, it is never the case.”

“If you are talented, if you work hard and you focus on the right things eventually it will happen. You just have to wait, be patient.”

“The casting process has so little to do with the actor. Usually if you are in the room, you are good.”

“That’s also the real fun in the job for me is to begin to push the boundaries to what we are seeing on TV or who they typically cast. That’s where casting is fun.”

“If you are having a shaky day, I don’t send that tape. They never see anything but your best work.”

“The proof is always in your work. And your work is constantly evolving. You need to know what you are capable of if you want them to believe you.”

“Best way into casting is to intern. Jump in and see if you even like it.”

“I’m a huge advocate of lying your way into the business.”

“There is nothing that is going to get you the job more than talent. Talent always rises to the top.”

“What gets you into the business is a moving, sliding scale. What keeps you in the business is talent.”

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