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086: Oliver Trevena

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Brit host and actor, Oliver Trevena, has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and musicians at the likes of The Hollywood Reporter, Young Hollywood, GQ.com, Sirius XM’s “Dirty Pop” alongside N-Syncs Lance Bass, as well as Esquire Network’s “Joyride” alongside T- Pain & Mischa Barton.  As an actor, he’s just wrapped “The Rising Hawk,” “Embattled,”and “Grand Isle” (with Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer) feature films.

Oliver Trevena began his performing career as a child across the pond in the UK, singing and dancing and acting. His journey lead him to London where he continued to pursue his love of performing but after not one, but TWO near death experiences, his path lead him to Los Angeles to continue his pursuit of music. He’s seen much of what the entertainment industry in LA has to offer, and after many ups and down, he reconnecting with his passion for storytelling and hasn’t looked back since.

From his countless hosting gigs, to acting, and now producing, He generously shares how he’s managed to build a career that not only honors his artistry but also allows him to leverage his perspective as a producer—how he’s built so many relationships over the years and how he’s continued to evolve in the face of fear and uncertainty.

He has since starred in movies, like The Long Road (2008), Ready? OK! (2008) and TV appearances in The Good Guys (2010), Leverage (2008), The Forgotten (2009) and How to Rock (2012). He now lives in LA but spends his time between the US and UK.

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“The only thing that was getting in my way, when I look back, was my own ego.”

“You are the only you. No one’s got what you have.”

051: Isidora Goreshter

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Isidora Goreshter is a talented and nuanced actress best known for her role as Svetlana Fisher in Showtime’s Emmy nominated Shameless. She is also known for her work in The Petal Pushers and Happy Anniversary. She has previously guest starred in 2 Broke Girls and Ben & Kate. Isidora Goreshter teaches a masterclass at Anthony Meindl’s Acting Studio. You can see Isidora in the latest season of Shameless and the upcoming Clara’s Ghost, a Bridey Elliot film that recently debuted at Sundance.

Always keeping it real, Isidora will walk you down a path that’s included extra work, standing in for A-listers, going from student to teacher to student of her very own teaching, bringing a 9 day old human to the set of Shameless, and living that beautiful reality where a no-line audition becomes a series regular role.

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“If I’m not 100 percent me in the role, I can’t be authentic in my acting…Even if it’s a different character, I have to make it myself.”

“I had this light bulb moment…My ego is so obsessed with result that I’m missing the actual point of all of this, which is knowledge, and learning and joy.”

“I guess through teaching it made me relax and just kind of surrender to the moment.”

“As actors we are so much validating ourselves by the measure of our success, and the measure of the success of others, and I was measuring my talent by how successful I was, and that is a slippery slope, man.”

“If you want to be a good actor I think you have to learn who you are first, before you can be anybody else.”


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