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Nick Gonzalez

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Nicholas González burst onto the Hollywood scene after a critically acclaimed 3 season turn as Alex Santiago in Showtime’s Resurrection Boulevard. He very quickly began to amass credits both in TV and film.

Best known for his portrayal of the charming and exacting Dr. Neil Melendez in ABC’s global hit, “The Good Doctor”, Texas native and Stanford graduate, Nicholas Gonzalez, is no to stranger to audiences who recognize him from a dense resume of some of TV’s hottest shows. He can currently be seen starring as ‘Capt. Levi Delgado’ on NBC’s Sci-Fi hit, “La Brea.” Nicholas’ passion for humanity exceeds his entertainment work and in depth character portrayals. As a father, husband, actor and activist, Nicholas is committed to projects, both on camera and off, that highlight the injustices, struggles, and victories of the human condition.




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BONUS: Hillary Tuck and Joe Towne

BONUS: Hillary Tuck and Joe Towne 1500 1000 Alyshia Ochse

Joe Towne and Hillary Tuck are the partners and creators behind The Actors Mindset, a unique audition technique program that creates a safe and nurturing environment while challenging the actor to work beyond their comfort zone. The program is designed to implement performance routines, to encourage mindfulness, and to take a whole mind and body approach to getting the best out of your performance opportunities. Joe Towne is an award winning writer, director and actor best known for his performances in “Significant Mother”, “Friends in Therapy”, and “Fringe”. You can see him in Rebel Wilson’s newest film “Isn’t It Romantic” next February. He has a long history of coaching businesses, performers, and professional athletes, and he is currently coaching actors at Warner Loughlin’s studio in Hollywood.

Hillary Tuck has been a working actor since the age of 14, and she is best known for her roles in “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”, “Grimm”, “Family Guy”, and “House”. Hillary has been an acting teacher and an on-set coach at Warner Loughlin Studios since 2014, where she has coached various actors on shows like ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and Fox’s “The Exorcist.” She was recently the keynote speaker at Eagle U, a leadership conference in Houston, Texas. Joe and Hillary were recently asked by the Elite 11 to speak to the top 24 high school quarterbacks in the country, which you’ll be able to catch on the NFL network next month. The next session of The Actor’s Mindset is Monday, August 6th, running through October 1st in Los Angeles.

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We work to identify what is OUTDATED, STALE and working AGAINST your self.
We then offer insight on how to reintegrate new EFFECTIVE habits to train instead.
Our program is designed to help bring AWARENESS, PERSPECTIVE and TOOLS to your own personal mindset to help you MAXIMIZE (get your best out of) your performance opportunities. Additionally, help you establish and implement PERFORMANCE ROUTINES that help you address issues such as nerves and confidence and MAXIMIZE (get the best out of) your performance opportunities.

The start date for the next session of The Actor’s Mindset is Monday, August 6th.
It will run through October 1st (no class for Labor Day Weekend) In the Hollywood area

For more information, contact: theactorsmindset@gmail.com



“True confidence comes from the way that we talk to ourselves.”

“We can orient our life around growth.”

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