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Today we are chatting with Ian Verdun, an actor and playwright, seen most recently on Freeform’s hit show SIREN. Ian was born and raised right here in Los Angeles, and graduated from Cal Arts where he studied acting, and also used much his time away from the stage writing his own plays. Today, he candidly shares his journey, from struggling to pay for school, to grinding in New York with multiple side jobs, all the way to booking his big break on SIREN.

He generously shares his insight on the expanding diversity dialogue within the industry, how things have changed since he was stuck playing bit parts throughout school, and how, as a storyteller, he feels characters can and should be depicted by artists from every background.

Verdun’s past performances have been described as “brimming with grit and honesty” by Backstage, “quirkily charming” by Variety, and “finely nuanced” by LA Weekly. He has also been hailed by Stage Scene LA as the “brightest stage discovery of 2011”.
Ian continues to cut his teeth on the stages of New York and Los Angeles, along with writing and producing several plays himself. After appearing on ABC’s Last Resort, TNT’s Hawthorne and FOX’s Lucifer, Ian threw his energy into his own television creation, Life’s A Drag. Following years of experiencing the lackluster opportunities for diverse entertainers, Life’s A Drag went on to win a number of awards in the burgeoning web festival circuit, including a special award for recognition in diversity.


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