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Judy Reyes

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Judy Reyes is a diversely talented actor known for her vast body of work across television and film. She is best known for her role as nurse ‘Carla Espinoza’ on NBC’s comedy Scrubs, opposite Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, and Donald Faison. Judy was most recently seen starring in Laura Moss’ Birth/Rebirth opposite Marin Ireland. For her role in the film, Judy was nominated for a Film Independent Spirit Award in the category of Best Lead Performance.

Upcoming, Judy will be seen in Hannah Marks’ Turtles All the Way Down alongside Isabela Merced and J. Smith Cameron. Max will release the film in Spring 2024. Later this year, Judy will be seen in ABC’s High Potential opposite Kaitlin Olsen and Daniel Sunjata. A true working actor, Judy’s many recurring television credits include Peacock’s Dr. Death; Amazon Prime Video’s The Horror of Dolores Roach; FX’s Better Things; HBO’s Search Party; Netflix’s One Day at a Time; The CW’s Jane the Virgin; and TBS and HBO’s Oz.

Off-screen, Judy is a proud member of the LAByrinth Theater Company since its inception. Originally founded in 1992 as Latino Actors Base (LAB), the Off-Broadway ensemble-driven company aims to tell more inclusive original stories that expand the boundaries of mainstream theater.




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006 Britney Young on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Britney Young

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Don’t Memorize the Performance, Memorize the Words

Witty and lively, Britney Young previously starred on Netflix’s wrestling-comedy “GLOW” executive produced by Jenji Kohan (“Orange is the New Black”). Young played ‘Carmen,’ the daughter of a wrestling dynasty family who wants to be a wrestler, but is not yet prepared for the Hollywood limelight. Inspired by the short-lived but beloved show from the ’80s, “GLOW” tells the story of Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), an out-of-work, struggling actress in Los Angeles who finds one last chance for stardom when she’s thrust into the glitter and spandex world of women’s wrestling.

Born in Tokyo, Japan, and raised in Eagle River, Alaska, Young loved exploring her dad’s 1980’s movie collection. As an eight-year-old, Young reached to the top shelf of the collection and pulled down “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” She became fascinated with how this film was created and shot and wanted to know how the cameras could capture all the action and how Harrison Ford could memorize two hours of dialogue. This was the early start of Young’s interest in film production and acting.

Young graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts and was soon drawn back to her home state of Alaska, where she landed her first production job on the film “Big Miracle” starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski. She continued to work in production on several films and TV projects some of which include “Savages,” “Joyful Noise,” “The Campaign,” “The Mentalist,” and most recently “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” where, as the Executive Producer’s assistant, Young closely worked with the show’s creators Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna.

After working in production for several years, Young landed one of her first acting roles on a friend’s web series titled “Ana Mead.” While filming this series, Young met her current manager and realized her true passion was in front of the camera. Young continued to audition and landed a recurring role as “Little Debbie” on TruTV’s “Those Who Can’t,” followed by roles on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “Better Things” and landing her biggest role to date as ‘Carmen’ on “GLOW.”



“Nobody is going to let you be something if you don’t let yourself be that. I’m never going to be an actor if I’m not an actor myself. I’m not going to be a producer unless I’m a producer myself.”

“Be the actor you want to be and then those opportunities will come, but you have to be okay with making your own opportunities if they’re not there.”



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Arturo Del Puerto on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

060: Arturo Del Puerto

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Actor, writer, and producer Arturo Del Puerto got his first headshots at 14 years old by stealing his mother’s credit card. Creating opportunities for himself and being paid to learn has been his mission to landing him in Los Angeles. Arturo gives insight about being rejected twice from a prestigious acting conservatory in Spain, making his way to America, and finding his mentor/teacher, casting director Felicia Fasano. Stepping into assist Fasano in the casting room, Arturo shares the tips and tricks of watching actors coming in to audition and how he landed his first series regular job on the hit HBO series CAMPING.

Arturo Del Puerto is a television, film and voice actor best known for his performances as Luis Flores in AMC’s “Fear The Walking Dead,” as well as his work in “The Last Ship” and “Independence Day: Resurgence.” Puerto has guest starred and featured in numerous television series, most recently including “Claws,” “Glow,” “The Flash,” “Better Things,” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” Puerto lended his voice in two Disney animated series, a reimagined “DuckTales” as Panchito Pistoles and as Rico in “Elena of Avalor.” Puerto recently appeared in Dax Shepard’s Highway Patrol officer comedy “CHIPS” and worked alongside Joey King and Luke Pasqualino in “Smartass.” You can currently catch Puerto in Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s newest HBO series “Camping,” following a group of old friends on a camping trip as it spirals out of control. Puerto is also in production for Ronald D. Moore’s “For All Mankind,” a sci-fi series due in 2019.


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“One of the things I told myself when I first moved to America, or to Los Angeles, was I might not be the best actor in that waiting room but I’m going to be the most prepared.”

“I treat every audition the same, with the same respect.”

“I think as actors we’re always learning. We’re always getting paid to learn about ourselves, to learn about other human beings.”

“As an actor I think the minute you stop learning is the minute you die as an artist.”

“Perseverance, patience, and work your fucking ass off. And be prepared.”


013: Alysia Reiner

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Alysia is best known for her role as Natalie “Fig” Figueroa, the tough as nails assistant warden everyone loves to hate on NETFLIX’s hit series ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. Alysia won a SAG award as part of the amazing ensemble cast, and you can see her in all 5 binge-worthy seasons. She is currently in production on Season 6 of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK and recently launched her very own eco-friendly fashion label, Livari. Alysia recently wrapped production as both a producer and star of motherhood dark comedy EGG, starring with Christina Hendricks and Anna Camp.

You can also catch her as Sunny in F/X’s critical hit and Peadbody Award winning BETTER THINGS, brought to you by the inimitable Louie CK and Pamela Adlon. And don’t forget to look for her in recent/upcoming episodes of YOUNGER, BROAD CITY and ODD MOM OUT.

Alysia may be all over your streaming shows and on your TV, but she couldn’t get an agent for years and self-submitted and taped for the break role in the Oscar nominated film SIDEWAYS. Listen in to hear her daily practice for being a creative person and how she is mentoring the next generation of female storytellers.

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“Daily practice for a creative person; Do something for the business, something for the artist in the business and something for artist.”


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