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Live at the MNActing Studio, That One Audition hears the real deal from Becki Newton about her Ugly Betty audition, how she started in the business and what luck and circumstance has made her a household name. We talk about motherhood, family, and how her world split open all at once, and how she found the kind of balance she wanted in her career. These are the laugh out loud, divine timing, confident, brave and open stories that led Becki Newton to where she is today.

Becki Newton is an television, film and voice actor best known for her exacting and hilarious role as Amanda Tanen in Ugly Betty, the hit ABC comedy following a New York fashion magazine and a young woman’s journey to self acceptance and success. She is also known for her recurring role as Quinn in How I Met Your Mother, acting opposite of Neil Patrick Harris. Newton starred in Fox’s The Goodwin Games, a comedy following the lives of three estranged siblings and the circumstances that brought them back together after their father’s death. She’s also starred in Love Bites as Annie Matopoulos, an anthology series about relationships, surrogacy, and modern romance. She guest starred in Weird Loners, American Dad!, American Dreams, and Charmed. Most recently Newton joined HBO’s Divorce as series regular Jackie, starring alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, Molly Shannon, and Thomas Haden Church.

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“If you got an appointment, that’s an opportunity.”

“I really believe luck and circumstance have to coincide to have a really big opportunity.”

“The confidence is that no matter what information I’m given about myself, I have to be the one to decide. You can’t tell me anything about me, I have to tell you.”

“My struggle after Ugly Betty ended was how do I act like myself and still feel interesting?”

“It’s so important to live honestly and with great respect, and to also have faith that the people around you know that about you.”

“The gratitude for the situation, didn’t matter what the outcome was going to be, I just couldn’t believe I was there.”

“You have to go through all of it to be able look back and understand it.”


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