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Necar Zadegan on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

082: Necar Zadegan

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Today we’re sitting down with television, film, and theatre actress Necar Zadegan. From her break-out performance on the hit TV series 24, to her starring turn on Broadway with Robin Williams in the Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, and her roles in Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce and currently in NCIS: New Orleans, Necar has built her career playing fierce, powerful, and passionate women who always leave us wanting more.

She shares how her upbringing afforded her exposure to the arts from an early age and how her parent’s encouragment kept her going as she ultimately found herself on stage in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at 16 years old. After a few years in the theatre honing her craft and obtaining a literature degree, she made her way to Los Angeles, and shares how her determination to find collaborative relationships guided her into a career on screen. From her audition for 24, to reading for a play workshop that ultimately lead her to Broadway, she honestly answers a few of the listeners questions, and shares how she goes about trusting her voice, winning the room, and making fans of future collaborators.

Prior to that Necar scoring her star level turn as Delia Hassen on the mega-hit Fox TV series, ’24’ for Season 8, her television credits include “Harry’s Law,””A Gifted Man”,”CSI: Miami,” “The Shield,” “Nip/Tuck,” “The Unit,” “NCIS,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Lost” among others. Necar graduated with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in English Literature.

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“I didn’t enter this business to play different versions of Iranian women. I entered this business to play different characters of all kinds…”

“Whatever you think might be a disadvantage, can also be an advantage.”


077: Amanda Warren

077: Amanda Warren 1500 750 Alyshia Ochse

Today we’re chatting with actress, Amanda Warren, whose incredible artistry is matched by her wisdom, insight, and extraordinarily grounded and compassionate energy. She has established herself with a resume that is not only lengthy, but loaded with some of TV and Film’s most respected projects in recent years. From her work with Martin McDonagh and Darren Aronofsky to Denzel Washington, Francis McDormand, and beyond, her work ethic and craftsmanship has earned her the respect of her peers and gained the attention of artists across the industry.

She shares how she works on set, what she’s learned from working with world-class artists, and how she stays focused on her own journey—putting in the work, one step at a time.


IG: @amandawarrenofficial


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“We do not need to adhere to this ‘stuggling artist’ theory anymore. This is your craft, this is your talent, you are giving of yourself and your tools. I’m going to give you my energy and pay you to see it…”

“You do the work at home so you can play on the day. If you do the work at home, you can do everything 7000 different ways to Sunday.”

“There’s a lot of money that goes into telling stories, expecially with the screen work, and time is money. It is so valuable, expecially these days. People need to know that they are trusting you with not only the story, but the money that they’re going to put into this.”

“There are quality rejections–quality ‘no’s.’ Just because it doesn’t work out for you then, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work out later.”

“What makes those great people so great at what they do…what makes them great craftspeople is that they work with their scene partners, they are never above their scene partner.”

“We’re in the business of saving lives…it’s an escape for people. Don’t think about the business, just bring them with you. Help them escape, help them stop thinking about business.”


021: Jodi Balfour

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Jodi Balfour is a talent that excites the industry and audiences alike. Her internationally diverse background paired with her raw and expansive talent has made her an actor in constant demand. Born and raised in South Africa, Jodi spent her formative years working in Cape Town’s burgeoning theatre and television industry. From the age of eight, she was on the professional stage performing in an array of ballets and musicals, and in the years that followed, her talents found their way to the small screen, where she starred and had supporting roles in both domestic and international television shows.

Upon graduating with honors in Theatre and Performance from the University of Cape Town, Jodi landed a supporting role in the BAFTA-Nominated BBC mini-series “The Sinking of the Laconia”, playing the daughter of one of Britain’s most celebrated actors, Lindsay Duncan. Since her arrival in North America, Jodi has worked across platforms in Canada and the US. She played the lead in Canada’s hit series BOMB GIRLS which earned a Gracie Award for best Drama and won Jodi a Canadian Screen Award for “Best Actress” in it’s film BOMB GIRLS: FACING THE ENEMY.

Jodi plays the lead female role in Cinemax’s critically acclaimed new drama series QUARRY, an HBO Entertainment production in association with Anonymous Content. “Quarry” is currently on air on Cinemax. She also stars in the BBC series RELLIK soon to be Cinemax.

Currently, Jodi portrays Jackie Kennedy on season 2 of THE CROWN on Netflix.

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“I seem to operate in the extremes. Work becomes all consuming and then when its finished there is this emptiness. And that’s when the “I’m never going to work again” creeps in.”

“When I haven’t worked for awhile I think I have acting PTSD that creeps in and makes me think I’m never going to work again.”

“Impulse for acting grew out of a need to perform.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“I remember the first experience of watching a live performance and the rest of the world disappearing.”

“The authority in my drama community gave me the responsibility of being a lead and therefore I felt like I could own that responsibility.”

“I didn’t know what acting was, but my teacher recognized my hunger to perform.”

“That marked a massive transition in my adult life where I started to push against any validity that people offered me based on how I look.”

“The visa is called Alien of Extraordinary Ability, you have to prove that you are extraordinary.”

“Coming out of school, auditions were exciting. Stakes were not high. I was never nervous.”

“I strive for admiration instead of comparisons with my those that I admire.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“I like being the underdog because it helps me get in touch with my own sense of confidence.” | CLICK TO TWEET


Katheryn Winnick on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

004: Katheryn Winnick

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Katheryn Winnick now stars in the History Channel critically acclaimed show Vikings in the iconic role of Lagertha, but it took 14 years to find the right role to really embrace and represent Katheryn’s unique strength as a double black belt holder in Tae Kwon Do and Karate. Katheryn started her journey into acting by getting fired off of her first set by being too enthralled in the realism of the major action on set and instinctively starting to yell in the scene as a background artist. Her mother picked her up from set and Katheryn defiantly held her head high and told her Mom, “One day I’m going to be a lead actress and they won’t be able to fire me.” Katheryn is not only a lead actress, she is critically acclaimed and is on the short list for every major studio. Katheryn’s business savvy skills as a young child made her the proud owner of three Tae Kwon Studios by the age of 21. When she started to pursue acting in New York in her early 20s she avoided having the torturous struggling artists syndrome because she had a thriving lucrative empire back in Toronto.

After being chosen to be on the first season of “The It Factor” Katheryn landed an influential theatrical agent and started making creatively bold choices in the audition room that garnered attention from casting directors on both coasts. The self-taught, introspective woman studied her own feelings and gave herself her own assessment of each audition by keeping an audition journal. This journal allowed her to see and identify her strengths and weaknesses in the audition room. This journal allowed her to be more free with herself and the feelings she had in the audition that ultimately illuminated a courageous, thoughtfully crafted career that many seek to have.

Katheryn Winnick can be seen in the 5th season of History’s show Vikings, in The Dark Tower opposite Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba and in Call of Duty WWII video game.



“No one is going to give anything to you.  You’ve got to work hard for yourself.” CLICK TO TWEET
“Your dreams are only as big as your vision, so why not shoot for being the best version of yourself.” CLICK TO TWEET
“Tae Kwon Do taught me discipline, developed my mental focus, and along with my upbringing, provided me with a strong work ethic.”
“I don’t need to get the feedback, I don’t need to get the job.  I just need to know if my two minutes was worth it for me.  So I started journaling as a way of letting go.”
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