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Brian Thomas Smith moved to Los Angeles from Saint Louis in 2000. His acting journey has had many ups and downs, but he is the perfect example of the journeyman actor as he continues to book jobs in film, TV and commercials. Brian Thomas Smith’s acting credits span film, television and include over 100 commercials. Some highlighted commercials are playing Phil Shifley for DIRECT TV, wearing a European man thong for MILLER LITE and being trained by the brew master in a BUD LIGHT campaign. BTS was featured in Super Bowl ads for SAMSUNG and BUD LIGHT. He also raced around the world with his brother Greg in SEASON 7 of THE AMAZING RACE.

Brian’s film credits include: BABYSPLITTERS, THE WEDDING PARTY, LETHAL SEDUCTION, CONCRETE BLONDES and shared scenes with Al Pacino and Annette Bening in DANNY COLLINS. His TV guest stars include: TWO AND A HALF MEN, HAPPY ENDINGS, 9-1-1 LONE STAR, THE NEIGHBORHOOD, and CSI. His most notable roles are recurring as the over friendly Freddy on UNITED STATES OF AL and maybe most known for playing Zack, the lovable, dim-witted, ex-boyfriend of Penny on THE BIG BANG THEORY for 9 seasons. Soon you will be able to see Brian in Nickelodeon’s live action comedy series THE REALLY LOUD HOUSE as he recurs as MR Bolhofner. You can also catch him sharing the screen with Vince Vaughn in the upcoming Apple Plus series BAD MONKEY.



046: Jon Huertas

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Jon Huertas over 60 credits to his name, starring in both television and film. He is known for his talents as an actor as well as an executive producer and recording artist. Jon is best known for his role among the core four in ABC’s hit show Castle as Javier Esposito, starring alongside Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. He also starred in HBO’s Generation Kill as Sgt. Antonio Espera. He portrayed Joe Negroni is Why Do Fools Fall in Love, and can most recently be seen in the incredibly popular NBC family drama This Is Us as Miguel Rivas, playing alongside Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, and Sterling K. Brown.

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“Even auditioning is being a professional actor. Studying acting out here is being a professional actor.”

“I don’t get rejected. I just don’t get the job because the job isn’t mine. “

“I would do this for free. I think we have agents and managers and lawyers so that we don’t destroy ourselves, because I would do this for free.”


Chris Sullivan on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

018: Chris Sullivan

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THIS IS US made America sit up in their seats and pay attention to the man behind the immediate heart throb of Toby, Chris Sullivan.  He first gained attention for his portrayal of Tom Cleary on the Cinemax drama THE KNICK.   He played Benny Hammond in STRANGER THINGS and Taserface in GUARDIAN OF GALAXY VOL. 2.  It may appear that Chris had an easy ride to the dense career track he is on, but he has been putting in the work for over 17 years.  Graduation from Loyal Marymont University left him transformed from a Tennis pro turned actor and climbing the ladder to seek representation.   A self-proclaimed perfectionist and dedicated artist with no backup plan, listen in to see how he landed his agent several years after graduation, how he made $5000 stretch for almost a year living in Los Angeles, how Broadway prepared him for a role of a lifetime on the Cinemax show THE KNICK and how every part since The KNICK can all be traced back to that character.

Chris is currently starring on the hit NBC show THIS IS US and is the lead singer of the band SULLY AND THE BENEVOLENT FOLK.

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“Have faith in something, develop faith in something greater than yourself.  That is the thing that will carry you through all the hard times.”

“Rehearsal for high school play is the same as Broadway rehearsal, doesn’t matter, creativity is the same.” CLICK TO TWEET

“An artistic endeavor, job of any art (good, bad or other) is to elicit some desire of exploration in the audience.” CLICK TO TWEET


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