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S2 028: Eric Ladin

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The Power of Letting Go & Rolling the Dice

Eric Ladin will be seen next in a series regular role on Nat Geo’s THE RIGHT STUFF, based on Tom Wolfe’s bestselling nonfiction book which explores the early days of the NASA space program. He plays Chris Kraft, one of the engineers who designed the Space Program. Ladin previously starred as a series regular on History Channel’s military drama SIX. He most recently recurred on Apple+’s series FOR ALL MANKIND from Ronald D. Moore and in the second season of Doug Liman’s IMPULSE on YouTube Red. Other notable recurring roles include Amazon’s BOSCH, Netflix’s LONGMIRE and USA Network’s third season of SHOOTER opposite Ryan Philippe.

Previously, he was a series regular alongside Jack Black and Tim Robbins in HBO’s political comedy THE BRINK, which followed his critically acclaimed recurring role as the iconic J. Edgar Hoover on BOARDWALK EMPIRE, again for HBO. Ladin was also lauded for his series regular turn as campaign manager “Jamie Wright” on the hit AMC original series THE KILLING, a crime drama in which everyone was a suspect. In the end he was revealed as the killer. Eric has received notice for many other roles early in his career, including his arc as January Jones’ brother in MADMEN, his arc portraying Chloe Sevigny’s diabolical doctor/brother in BIG LOVE, and as a series regular in the hard-hitting HBO mini-series GENERATION KILL. His is also known to audiences for his multitude of guest starring roles on shows like STUMPTOWN, GREY’S ANATOMY, and SUITS, to name a few.

In feature films, Ladin played a long time member of Bradley Cooper’s platoon in Clint Eastwood’s Navy SEAL drama AMERICAN SNIPER. Ladin starred as Detective Clark in New Line’s horror hit ANNABELLE, a spin-off of THE CONJURING. He next reprises the role in New Lin’s upcoming horror thriller WOLVES AT THE DOOR.

In addition to his on-screen performances, Eric is blessed with an extraordinary speaking voice, as evidenced by his many roles in hit video games including leads in the hugely popular CALL OF DUTY, INFAMOUS 2, and LEFT $ DEAD 2. He also narrated the History Channel’s MUD CATS and has voiced characters in many cartoons such as FISH HOOKS, PICKLE AND PEANUT and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE.



“There’s no secret sauce other than the fact that I think Hollywood starts to see you as something.”

“Don’t try and go in and do what I’m going to do cause I’m going to do it better than you.”

“At the end of the day when you come home from work, what are you going to be happy with?”



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Carmen Ejogo on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

080: Carmen Ejogo

080: Carmen Ejogo 1500 750 Alyshia Ochse

A Masterclass in Longevity, Range, & Perseverance:

In today’s episode, I got to sit down with an extraordinary actress who has crafted a diligently curated body of work defined by her remarkable range. Carmen Ejogo has played major roles in Sam Mendes’ Away We Go, Sparkle with Whitney Houston, It Comes at Night, Roman J. Israel, Esq., Alien: Covenant, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, and most recently opposite Mahershala Ali in the new season of True Detective.

Characteristically tight-lipped about her personal life, Carmen generously pulls back the curtain to reveal how she’s made it this far and how her commitment to her vision has afforded her a career that has captivated audiences and critics alike. She shares how she says no more often than she says yes, and how this discernment has empowered her to keep a clear vision for the stories she wants to give voice to. We also get to chat about how she prepares for an audition, how she balances her art with the business of the industry, and how she decided from the very beginning of her career that her body of work would be defined, not by her appearance, but by her talent, determination, and humanity.

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“I’m a big believer in the power of ‘No’ and I’ve been saying no most of my career and very seldomly do I say yes.”

“When I was starting out, to be an actress you really were made to feel your ingenue years were going to be your best years and you had to make those work for you…I just realized early enough on that there was going to be a shelf life if I took that attitude on board. I really had to prove that I could act.”


Arturo Del Puerto on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

060: Arturo Del Puerto

060: Arturo Del Puerto 1500 750 Alyshia Ochse

Actor, writer, and producer Arturo Del Puerto got his first headshots at 14 years old by stealing his mother’s credit card. Creating opportunities for himself and being paid to learn has been his mission to landing him in Los Angeles. Arturo gives insight about being rejected twice from a prestigious acting conservatory in Spain, making his way to America, and finding his mentor/teacher, casting director Felicia Fasano. Stepping into assist Fasano in the casting room, Arturo shares the tips and tricks of watching actors coming in to audition and how he landed his first series regular job on the hit HBO series CAMPING.

Arturo Del Puerto is a television, film and voice actor best known for his performances as Luis Flores in AMC’s “Fear The Walking Dead,” as well as his work in “The Last Ship” and “Independence Day: Resurgence.” Puerto has guest starred and featured in numerous television series, most recently including “Claws,” “Glow,” “The Flash,” “Better Things,” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” Puerto lended his voice in two Disney animated series, a reimagined “DuckTales” as Panchito Pistoles and as Rico in “Elena of Avalor.” Puerto recently appeared in Dax Shepard’s Highway Patrol officer comedy “CHIPS” and worked alongside Joey King and Luke Pasqualino in “Smartass.” You can currently catch Puerto in Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s newest HBO series “Camping,” following a group of old friends on a camping trip as it spirals out of control. Puerto is also in production for Ronald D. Moore’s “For All Mankind,” a sci-fi series due in 2019.


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“One of the things I told myself when I first moved to America, or to Los Angeles, was I might not be the best actor in that waiting room but I’m going to be the most prepared.”

“I treat every audition the same, with the same respect.”

“I think as actors we’re always learning. We’re always getting paid to learn about ourselves, to learn about other human beings.”

“As an actor I think the minute you stop learning is the minute you die as an artist.”

“Perseverance, patience, and work your fucking ass off. And be prepared.”


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