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039: Donny Boaz

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Among his dense filmography of over 100 credits, Donny Boaz is best known for his guest starring role as Buck on The History Channel’s SIX, a series following the lives of Navy SEAL Team Six, alongside Olivia Munn and Walton Goggins. Constantly creating and challenging himself, Donny serves as both actor and producer in the upcoming thriller OSPREY, starring Eric Roberts, which has caught the attention of numerous film festivals, earning a nomination for Best Film at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London this year. Additionally, he starred and produced ALTERNATE REALITIES, a tense sci-fi thriller.

Currently, Donny is in Hallmark’s THE BEACH HOUSE and NCIS: New Orleans. IG: @donnyboaz

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“It takes a real, conscious effort to be present, because we’re always thinking of what’s next, but you can be a better you if you’re right here, right now.”

“The thing is, you don’t want just a job, you want a career. You want to do this for as long as you can.”

“No two people have ever had the same path.”

“I don’t work for the no’s, I work for the yes’s, because that yes is a high. It is a drug of its own choice.”

“You have to believe it yourself first. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. It matters what you think.”


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