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Time And Fear Are Liars: It’s Your Timeline

Emmy Award-winning actor, Terrence Terrell, can currently be seen as a series regular on the new Chuck Lorre comedy for CBS, B POSITIVE, opposite Thomas Middleditch (SILICON VALLEY) and Annaleigh Ashford (MASTERS OF SEX). Terrence plays a high-energy, former NFL player who is coping with his fading fame while in dialysis alongside Middleditch. The show premiered on November 5th, 2020 alongside CBS fan-favorites, YOUNG SHELDON and MOM, and reviews praised the “scene-stealing” ensemble cast (THR, Fienberg) reminiscent of Chuck Lorre’s other successful multi-cam hits. The series was recently picked-up for a full season order. Previously, Terrence has appeared on BOSCH for Amazon, ROOM 104 for HBO, BATWOMAN for CW, THE FIRST WIVES CLUB for BET, as well as Issa Rae’s GIANTS, for which he won his Daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Digital Drama Series” in 2019.

He’s also widely known for his recurring character of “Motaur” on the 2019 & 2020 Progressive commercials. Up next, he can be seen in Jamie Foxx’s feature directorial debut, ALL STAR WEEKEND, playing LeBron James. Terrence will also be writing and directing an animated short, SKIN DEEP, which will tackle mental health, colorism, and what it means for a little Black boy living in this world today through the vehicle of animation. Terrence is partnering with Emmy-winning producer, Anthony Hemingway (THE PEOPLE V. OJ SIMPSON) and Six Point Harness (HAIR LOVE, GUAVA ISLAND), to bring the animated short to life. This story is based off his own dealings with mental health and colorism and is in conjunction with his self-published children’s book series that include titles of BLACKY, THE SHES, THE CROWN KIDS and MY LITTLE BLACK BOOK. The books promote Black beauty, inclusion, and self-love, which are Terrence’s driving forces.

Additionally, in 2019, Terrence began releasing his own music. He currently can be heard across all major streaming platforms and has more music on the way. Terrence is also passionate about mentorship, as he serves as the Head Mentor for Tina Knowles Lawson and Richard Lawson’s WACO Theater and “Angels and Warriors” non-profit organization, which were founded to empower young, underprivileged millennial students to experience and accomplish their dreams in arts and entertainment. Terrence is an extremely talented multi-hyphenate with a joy for life that shines on all he comes in contact with. He currently has many exciting projects in the works.



“Your recovery as an actor is more important than your rejection.”

“Time is a liar. Fear is a liar. No matter what, you create your own timeline.”

“The only reason it’s scary is because it’s new.”



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