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065: Elliot Knight

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In our second conversation with Elliot Knight we take a deeper look into everything, from his relationship to auditioning, to how he makes the distinction of being in love with the performance, the storytelling, and the craft rather than the industry and what that difference means for him. He talks about wanting to be the kind of performer who reveals rather than masks. This is a conversation for anybody that needs reminding to own and honor the space you take up, to be expansive, to be vulnerable in your art, and how to let life imitate art.

Elliot Knight is an English actor best known for his break out performance in the British television series “Sinbad,” playing the titular role. Knight received his theatrical training at The Manchester School of Theatre before landing the coveted role. Knight appeared as a recurring character in the BBC crime drama “By Any Means” before making his US television debut in ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder,” joining Viola Davis, Aja Naomi King, and Alfred Enoch. Knight joined the cast of ABC’s hit fantasy series “Once Upon a Time” as Merlin in the show’s fifth season. He starred alongside Juliet Rylance and Antony Starr in “American Gothic” before being cast in Erin Cardillo and Richard Keith’s “Life Sentence,” which aired on the CW. “Life Sentence” follows Lucy Hale’s character Stella as she navigates life after her terminal cancer is cured, her family, and her relationship with her husband, played by Elliot Knight. The show is currently available on Netflix. You can catch Elliot on Greg Berlanti’s DC universe “Titans,” which has just finished its first season.


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