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Neal Bledsoe on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

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Neal Bledsoe is an actor, writer and journalist. Admittedly he is now more confident in the tools of his expression but admits he still doesn’t know what he is doing.  Falling in love with the work and the his characters after a stint in rehab, Neal shares the utility of the business.  From voice to walk, he has manifested some of the best characters on MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, UGLY BETTY, SHAMELESS, SMASH, IRONSIDE, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and SEX AND CITY 2.  Accomplished stage actor, writer and visual artist Neal Bledsoe bares it all.  Down to what to not ask agents/managers in meetings, how to prioritize the work and learning to have faith that he can’t control the business. He honestly shares the details of his journey in self-discovery, proving that questioning everything, including yourself is key to cultivating an honest and authentic body of work.


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“Actors are like weathervanes of sensitivity.”

“Have faith that it’s going to happen in a way that you don’t really understand…it’s going to unfold for you in a way that’s mysterious and specific and beautiful to you.”

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