(In)Visible Portraits.

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S2 011: Oge Egbuonu

S2 011: Oge Egbuonu 1500 750 Alyshia Ochse

(In)Visible Portraits: Love Letter to Black Women, and a Re-Education to Everyone Else

Oge Egbuonu (pronounced E-boo-noh) is a first generation American born to Nigerian parents. She is a filmmaker focused on disruptive and inspirational storytelling. By creating compelling content that entertains, educates, and inspires, she aims to support the healing of the individual and the collective.

Her directorial debut, (In)Visible Portraits, is a Think Piece that shatters the too-often invisible otherizing of Black women in America and illuminates the history of how we got here. The film is a self-described “love letter to Black women, and a re-education to everyone else.”

Prior to becoming an independent filmmaker, Oge was a producer with Raindog Films alongside co-founders Ged Doherty and Academy Award winning actor Colin Firth. She produced Loving (a critically acclaimed historical film starring Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton) and Eye in the Sky (a thriller starring Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman, and Aaron Paul). Oge also previously held a seat on the board of the Diversity Committee for the BRIT Awards, where she collaborated on revamping the voting academy and tackling diversity within the music and film industries.



“I don’t label depression as a bad thing for me. For me, those are all moments of redirection.”

“…we’re all storytellers whether we know that or not. Whether we’re telling stories consciously or unconsciously, we’re all storytellers.”

“For me, creating this documentary serves as an offering. It’s a Think Piece to get people to start questioning rather than accepting what they’ve just been taught to believe as true.”

“…I grew up feeling that the only way I could receive love or validation was if I was perfect. If I wasn’t perfect in the eyes of [my mother] or anybody else, then I was deemed invisible. I didn’t really stop feeling that way until I started making this.”




  • WRITER: Lizzy Dalla Betta
  • SOUND DESIGN: Zachary Jameson
  • WEBSITE & GRAPHICS: Chase Jennings
  • ASSISTANT: Elle Powell
  • SOCIAL OUTREACH: Bebe Katsenes

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