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Brooke Lyons was born to dance, but a serious medical condition ended her career and shifted her desire for performance into acting. A self-confessed auditioning novice  for the first 10 years of her career, Brooke gives insight on what not to do in your auditions from her less than perfect experiences.  Brooke walks through some of her most life changing auditions (good and bad) and what she has learned to garner her a series regular on the new hit CW show Life Sentence.

Brooke Lyons is currently starring as “Elizabeth Abbott” on The CW’s Life Sentence. She’s also known for her roles on The Affair, iZombie and 2 Broke Girls.  Brooke says, “My career has not been one of major turning points.  It’s been more of a cumulative effect.  Small victories leading to great progress.”

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“I hadn’t realized the degree to which a creative outlet was a lifeline to me.”

“When I went inside myself I knew that I missed performing.”

“Acting is like dancing with your voice.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“Acting is the interactive relationship between performer and audience and how fluid and alive that is..how electric that is.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“I did not feel comfortable auditioning for a decade.”

“I’ve learned the most from my less successful moments.”

“The lesson is…take your time, take your space, stand your ground, be a human. You are not a machine or a puppet.”

“Stand your ground, take up space, plant your feet fully on the ground before you speak in your audition.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“I would say my career has not been one of major turning points, its been more cumulative effect. Small victories leading to progress.”

“The minute I inhabit my character of PEACH, I was so relaxed because I wasn’t myself.”

“You have to honor your feelings in order to process them.”

“I threaten to quite once a year.”

“Listen more than you talk.”

“I love danger, I love people that are outside the box, I like the alternative option where you don’t know what is going to happen.”



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