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071: Elisabeth Rohm

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Today’s guest is a powerhouse force of knowledge, inspiration, and passion. From her big break on Law & Order, to her work with David O. Russell, she is full of incredible stories that detail her determination and unwillingness to give up. Her approach to her career has been uniquely strategic—she’s made her personal growth just as important as her artistic growth, and through that she’s cultivated a resilience that enables her passion to stand firm through every high and every low that comes with a dynamic Hollywood career.

Elisabeth Röhm is a German-American television and film actress. She is best known for playing Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn in the American TV series Law & Order and Detective Kate Lockley in the TV series Angel, and for her work with David O. Russel in American Hustle and Joy. In addition to her on-screen work, she is also an accomplished writer. As an advocate and voice for women’s fertility issues and heart disease, she is a featured blogger for People Magazine, as well as a published novelist.


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“Don’t give up…you’re one job away, you’re one moment away, you’re one step away from the thing that’s going to change your life forever. That is the glory of this business.”

“Do your work. Do it authentically. Do it honestly. Let it transform your soul from audition to audition so that you have gold…”

“Be purposful. Make definite plans. Finish your plans. Be definite in your purpose in life. Have a rich personal life.”

“If you’re feeling intutively very drawn to somebody, meditate on it. Visualize it. See it. See yourself working with this person.”

“I belong to nothing. I’m not seeking any result, other than to be masterful with myself.”


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