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S2 040: Yara Martinez

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Gratitude and Knowing Your Worth

Yara Martinez was last seen on Fox’s police drama pilot, DEPUTY, from David Ayer, Aquaman writer Will Beall, and eOne. She co-starred opposite Stephen Dorff as his wife, ‘Dr. Paula Reyes’.

Martinez can currently be seen starring as ‘Miss Lint’ in Amazon’s highly reviewed reboot of the popular superhero franchise, THE TICK. Based on creator Ben Endlund’s favorite comic, the series follows Arthur Everest, an obsessive ex-accountant who suspects his city is controlled by an evil supervillain. The pilot episode quickly became the most watched in the network’s history.

Martinez can also be seen starring as ‘Dr. Luisa Alver’ in the CW’s Golden Globe nominated comedy series, JANE THE VIRGIN opposite Gina Rodriguez. The series solidifies Martinez as a fan favorite for her portrayal of the recovering alcoholic who accidentally inseminated the titular ‘Jane’ in the pilot episode. Martinez is currently shooting the last and final season. Yara also recurs on CBS’s BULL playing Michael Weatherly’s lead character, Bull’s, ex wife.

Previously, Martinez starred in the second season of HBO’s critically acclaimed TRUE DETECTIVE opposite Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn and in Amazon’s ALPHA HOUSE about four Republican senators sharing the same DC house rental. Additional television credits include THE LYING GAME, NASHVILLE, HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS, FACELESS, VANISHED, THE APOSTLES, SOUTHLAND, BREAKOUT KINGS, and SPACED.

Born in Puerto Rico to Cuban parents, Martinez grew up in Miami and is fluent in both English and Spanish. She studied acting at the New World School of the Arts, and spent a summer with Anne Bogart’s SITI company in Saratoga before receiving her BFA and eventually moving to Los Angeles to pursue her passion for television.



“A lot of my series regular parts or my bigger parts on shows all started with characters that were either supposed to just be in one episode or recurring.”

“No one is going to advocate for your love of what you do like you do EXCEPT you!”

“It’s a constant balance of gratitude and worth. Be grateful for something but also, what’s my worth right now?”


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