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018 Malin Akerman On That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

S2 018: Malin Akerman

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The Rock Goddess: Be Present and You Won’t Miss A Beat

Named one of Variety’s “10 Actors to Watch” in 2007, Swedish-Canadian actress and producer Malin Akerman has since been tearing up Hollywood with her beauty and charisma, her sharp comedic timing, and her touching dramatic performances. She currently stars in Showtime’s television series Billions, alongside Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti, which premiered its third season in March 2018.

Akerman starred in the feature film Final Girls in 2015, opposite Taissa Farmiga and Nina Dobrev, and had a role opposite Blythe Danner in 2015’s critically acclaimed film, I’ll See You In My Dreams. She also appeared on the big screen in 2016 in Lionsgate’s Misconduct opposite Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino as well as the independent film, The Ticket, opposite Dan Stevens and directed by Ido Fluk, which made its feature debut at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

In April 2018, Akerman starred as the villain in Warner Brother’s Rampage, opposite Dwayne Johnson and Naomie Harris, which was released in April 2018. The movie grossed over $426 million worldwide and is the all-time best reviewed film based on a video game. Most recently, Akerman can be seen in the 2019 Sundance Film Festival hit To The Stars, which tells the story of 1960s Oklahoma where a shy farmer’s daughter forges an intimate relationship with a new girl.

Akerman’s range in comedy and drama is exemplified by her diverse body of work in film and television. In 2007 she starred alongside Ben Stiller in The Heartbreak Kid, directed by the Farrelly brothers, followed by the 2008 romantic comedy, 27 Dresses, directed by Anne Fletcher, and a year later she joined Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in Fletcher’s The Proposal. In 2009 Akerman was seen in the comedy Couples Retreat, opposite Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell, Jason Bateman, and Jon Favreau, and co-starred in Zack Snyder’s blockbuster Watchmen, which opened at number one with more than $50 million in box office sales. She was seen in theaters nationwide in the 2010 Sundance Audience-Award winner, Happythankyoumoreplease, opposite Kate Mara, Zoe Kazan and Josh Radnor and at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, Akerman shared the big screen with Ryan Philippe and Taylor Kitsch in Steven Silver’s The Bang Bang Club.

In 2012, Akerman graced the big screen in Wanderlust, with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, sang alongside Tom Cruise in the musical adaptation of the Broadway hit Rock of Ages, and starred in Sebastian Gutierrez’s nod to classic film noir, Hotel Noir.

Next up on the silver screen, Malin can be seen starring in and producing the upcoming comedy Friendsgiving, alongside Kat Dennings, Wanda Sykes, and Jane Seymour, in addition to the Netflix movie The Sleepover alongside Joe Manganiello. She can also be seen starring in AMC’s upcoming anthology series entitled Soulmates, alongside Charlie Heaton.

Akerman is also no stranger to the small screen. Her breakthrough came in 2005 on the HBO series The Comeback, with Lisa Kudrow. She had a memorable recurring role on the third season of Entourage, as well ABC’s hit comedy, Suburgatory, was seen in a special episode of How I Met Your Mother, and starred in the third season of Adult Swim’s Emmy Award-winning medical-drama parody, Children’s Hospital. From 2013-2014 she starred in the title character of ABC’s comedy, Trophy Wife, opposite Bradley Whitford, Marcia Gay Harden, and Michaela Watkins.



“There’s no trick. It’s really just breathing and letting the nerves just be where they are.”

“Just be as present as possible so you can be ready for the next thing to come at you so you’re not missing a beat.”

“Remember when you go into those auditions in the beginning that [casting directors] are on your side!”



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030: Samm Levine

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Samm Levine’s first breakout role was as a member of the “geek” half of the short lived cult hit, Freaks and Geeks. The following year, he rejoined “Freaks and Geeks” producer, Judd Apatow, for another widely praised coming of age series, Undeclared. That same year, Samm made his feature debut in the raucous teen spoof, Not Another Teen Movie.

Since then, he has appeared in over 60 films and television shows, including the Oscar winning Quentin Tarantino epic, Inglourious Basterds, and in many memorable roles on beloved programs such as Entourage, Modern Family, NCIS and How I Met Your Mother. In addition to his growing catalog of television appearances, Samm is also known for roles in many cult features, including the Broken Lizard comedy, Club Dread, the sci-fi thriller, Pulse, and acclaimed indie comedies, Drones and IFC’s Made for Each Other

Samm has also served as co-host and producer to Kevin Pollak’s renowned celebrity talk show, Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, since its inception in 2009 – a role he came into after his interview as a guest on the first episode.

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“Always say sure, you never know where the project may go.”

“Sixteen year journey to finally get Arty on camera with my face.”

“I memorized every single word of Platypus Man at 11 years old.”

“All my fellow classmates asked me to MC their Bar and Batmitza.”

“One Barmitzpha, Lisa Kudrow asked if I was a professional standup when I was 12. She encouraged me to become an actor.”

“Mom, Lisa Kudrow from friends said I should be a professional comedian.”

“I said yes to everything right away.”

“What got me into the room for Freaks and Geeks is that Judd was specifically looking for unknowns.”

“My Mom suggested that I do the William Shatner impression during my Freaks and Geeks audition.”

“Judd put me on the callback list for Freaks and Geeks solely so that Paul Feig have a laugh at my William Shatner impression.”

“I’m insane, what kid does stand up at 12?”

“I learned how set acting worked on Freaks and Geeks.”

“Secret to success in Hollywood is a short memory.” Ingrid Bermund “I have found that to be remarkably true” | CLICK TO TWEET

“Acting is like solving a math problem. As long as the end result is the same, you are never going to be asked to show your work.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“I love the opportunity to do drama.”

“I knew from Judd that Quentin was a Freaks and Geeks fan.”

“Reservior Dogs was a very important film in shaping my view of filmmaking, acting and adulthood.”

“When Quentin makes movies, he is a kid in a candy store.”

“When you read for Quentin, you don’t read for him, you read with him.”

“Before I left the audition, I swollowed my pride and said to him working with you is one of the most important things that I would like to accomplish in my life. There is no pride here, if I can be an extra and carry I gun. I will do it.”

“I was not going to walk out of my audition with Quentin without leaving everything on the table.”

“I still think working with Quentin was a dream.”

“The bulk of what I shot ended up on the cutting room floor.”

“This is a business and the last 10 years after the writing strike, network and studios do not like taking risks.”

“My issue is with the business model of the studio system.”

“I’m Poppy is the strangest thing I’ve ever done. It is decidedly odd.”

“I got away with a lot when I was doing stand up as a teenager because there was an element of strange to it.”

“Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“I’m also producing now because I was getting really frustrated from wonderful scripts not getting made.”

“Outside of any acting talent I possess the great skill is the amount of contacts I’ve made over the years.”

“The first few jobs you do as an actor might not be that great but you are doing them to build a resume.”

“Producing has given me a greater appreciation for how easy actors have it.”



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