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Cassidy Freeman

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A Sweet Kind of “Fuck It”

Today’s guest grew up the daughter of two prominent Chicago attorneys and the youngest of three siblings immersed in the arts. Everyone welcome: Cassidy Freeman. Her poise, work ethic and determination to constantly challenge herself quickly paid off. She embraced her old soul and let go of her aspirations of being an ingénue which immediately led to her first big break. Not knowing what a “stand in” or a “#2 on a call sheet” might deter other folks, but not Cassidy. She used that experience on her first big show as her TV Acting grad school.

You’ve definitely seen her in the star turning role as “Tess Luthor” on SMALLVILLE and she continued to THE PLAYBOY CLUB, VAMPIRE DIARIES, LONGMIRE and THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES. But before blazing the small screen with these credits, she had to learn some hard lessons along the way that led her to have fun when acting…especially for auditions.

We go from 7 year old Cassidy gracing the stage of The Chicago Lyric Opera to performing at The Atlantic Theater in New York City at 22 years old, with some sound advice from a close Broadway novice that completely shifted her dreams to Broadway by way of TV. She shares her appalling experience of auditioning for a prominent Casting Director who gave her advice that she still thinks about to this day. You will hear why acting is the one art form you can’t do in a vacuum since we have to listen in order to be present which is why she still takes classes at Playhouse West to this day. This is why she continues to redefine success to this day by loving life by living it.



“You have to keep redefining your idea of success. We are changing all the time.”

“You gotta live your life and love it.”

“Would you rather get a part where you are ‘not being you’ and have to ‘not be you’ for the entire job or would you rather NOT get the part and ‘be you’?”


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