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What We Are co-founder, actress, musician and producer Nikki Deloach shares the brave, beautiful tenacious, unforgettable career moments that shaped her 30 year career. This woman is a purposeful, driven and talented storyteller but more importantly she is one who prioritizes vulnerability and openness. She shares the highs and lows of being a veteran of both the music and film industry from the success of the cult classic 90’s show The Mickey Mouse Club to losing everything to making a come back and taking a break.

Nikki Deloach is best known for her portrayal of Lacey Hamilton on the hit and critically-acclaimed series Awkward for five seasons. Nikki’s other credits include Love & Other Drugs, North Shore, Windfall, Grey’s Anatomy, and Mad Men. When she is not busy showcasing her talent onscreen, DeLoach is expanding her repertoire behind the scenes. She has re-teamed with Hallmark to develop and produce the upcoming Christmas project Reunited at Christmas, which she will also star in.

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“If a part is meant to be yours nobody can take that away from you, so once you really understand that it takes competition out of everything.”

“It’s not our jobs to move through life being positive, it is our jobs to move through life being open.”


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