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BONUS: David Jolliffe, Sean Astin & Shaan Sharma

BONUS: David Jolliffe, Sean Astin & Shaan Sharma 1500 750 Alyshia Ochse

Get Out the No Campaign: A SAG-AFTRA Panel Discussion

David Jolliffe is an actor, 52 year SAG-AFTRA member, National Board Member, and 2nd Vice President of the Los Angeles Local Board. Sean Astin is an actor and 35 year SAG-AFTRA member. Shaan Sharma is an actor and 13 year SAG-AFTRA member. Today, our guests discuss the proposed 2020 TV/Theatrical Contract which union members will be voting on this week. In an effort to educate voters, they developed the “Get Out the No” campaign which urges members to vote “NO” by exploring key areas of concern for performers including: Residual payments, On Set Safety, Syndication, Pension & Health, Foreign travel, Stunts, New Media negotiations and much more. Further information can be found on their website at DissentingOpinion2020.com.



“At what point do you finally say no?”

“I’m not doing this for me. I’m doing this for you and I’m doing this for everyone coming behind me. Why? Because there were people before me who did it for me and that’s the reason why I’m here.” – David Jolliffe


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BONUS: Tony Giglio

BONUS: Tony Giglio 1500 750 Alyshia Ochse

For today’s conversation, we’re changing things up and taking a look at things on the other side of the camera. We’re chatting with someone who’s made their career writing and directing major hollywood movies for the past twenty years. He’s come a long way from his father’s liquor store in Massachusetts, and he tells us exactly how, after graduating from school and writing a letter to his hollywood idol, he found himself sharing a beer and chatting about his favorite movies with director Sam Raimi! Now, after having directed stars like William H. Macy and Jason Statham, he shares what it’s like sitting in the director’s chair, and how he’s managed to pull off getting films made when seemingly impossible circumstances stand in the way.

Tony Giglio is and American film director born in Medford, Massachusetts. He studied and obtained a B.A. at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. He worked his way up from a Production Assistant to become one of Hollywood’s most versatile Writer-Directors. He gained experience in the entertainment industry on projects like HEAT, IN ENEMY HANDS, TERMINATOR 2, LIAR LIAR, CELTIC PRIDE, BULLETPROOF, DANTE’S PEAK,  and FEAR. Most recently, he has directed DOOM: Annihilation, set to be released in 2019.  Previous films include CHAOS, EXTRACTION, TIMBER FALLS and DEATH RACE.


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“For better or worse, when I come on a project, it gets made.”

“No risk no reward.”


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