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Go Beyond The Line Of Duty

Rudi Dharmalingam is an incredible British actor with an impressive theater resume and will soon be making his mark in the television arena. He will next be seen in the psychological drama series WAKEFIELD on Showtime, premiering October 18th for 8 episodes rolling out weekly. The show debuted on ABC in Australia and received such massive acclaim and global attention that it was acquired by Showtime for US distribution.

WAKEFIELD is described as a psychological drama that shines a dark comedic light on what happens when the sanest individual working in a psych ward begins to lose his grip. Rudi plays Nik Katira, who after years working as a psych nurse at Wakefield, is exceptionally good at his job. With a gift for soothing the afflicted and reaching the unreachable, he’s the most stable person in what tends to be a pretty crazy environment. But now, as his own sanity is slipping, the question is … why? Tackling the complexity of mental illness with humor and heart, the series explores the fine line between sanity and madness, powered by an intriguing psychological mystery. It’s a fascinating journey into the mind of a man tasked with worrying about everyone else’s minds.

Rudi will also be seen in the new Sky1 series EXTINCTION opposite Tom Burke for Q1 of 2022, and will return for the third season of THE SPLIT on AMC next year. Extinction is an 8-part series set in London following the story of George (Pappa Essiedu), a man who realizes he can jump back in time and joins Lazarus, a special organization of people who share his ability and use it to stop global crises. Rudi plays Shiv, a Lazarus agent with a dark side who is clever, sarcastic and pessimistic when his tough love caring is not peeking through. Best known for co-starring in HAMLET at the Barbican opposite Benedict Cumberbatch, he also recently wrapped the West End production of MARY STUART and did a notable run on Broadway in THE HISTORY BOYS opposite James Corden.

Additionally, Rudi has also been named an Ambassador for the UK/Australia’s British Council alongside Cate Blanchett, Bernardine Evaristo, Genevieve Bell; her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II is the Patron. This cultural exchange celebrates the diverse and innovative artist communities and cultural sectors of each nation, prompting conversations about where they have come from, who they really are now and where they can go together.



“What I love about screen acting is you’re given the opportunity to be as intimate as you want to be.”

“As long as I’m doing everything in my power to be the best actor I can be, then I can sleep at night.”


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  • WRITER: Erin McCluskey
  • SOUND DESIGN: Zachary Jameson
  • WEBSITE & GRAPHICS: Chase Jennings
  • ASSISTANT: Elle Powell
  • SOCIAL OUTREACH: Bebe Katsenes

BONUS: Eric Amadio

BONUS: Eric Amadio 1500 750 Alyshia Ochse

For today’s bonus episode, we’re talking with writer/director Eric Amadio—if you’ve not heard of him, you’ve likely seen his show SNOWFALL on FX, or at least spotted the billboards around the town. His fascinating story takes all kinds of unexpected turns—from writing haikus as a child to getting published at 10 years old, from electronic music producer to rapper to director, and now show creator—Eric has worn many hats and has accumulated some fascinating perspective along the way.

We take a deep dive into how his process works, how he writes and manages his approach to production, and what he’s observed about creativity in our rapidly changing modern culture. He is motivating and inspiring, and whether you’re an actor, writer, or director, his insight will lead to some pretty powerful revelations about story structure, character, inspiration, and patience!

Eric Amadio is a writer, director, and producer, known for Snowfall (2017), After Sex (2007) and Stuntmen (2009). Born in Southeast Los Angeles and raised during the height of violence in the crack-fueled 80’s and 90’s, Eric had his first essay published at the age of 10, went on to write for local music publication Rock City News at 16, then worked as an electronic music producer/DJ from ages 18-23 before beginning his career in film and television. Deeply rooted in Los Angeles, his grandfather opened one of the first Italian/American owned photo studios in Downtown LA in the 1940’s, his mother grew up in the middle of the 1950’s car-culture in Bell, and Eric’s formative years were spent immersed in the various 80’s/90’s subcultures of hip hop, skateboarding, basketball, and crime, all elements that can be found in his work.


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“I would love to see real story-tellers re-embraced. We live in this weird time right now where the corporate mentality has taken over the studio system–which is mitigate all risk.”

“A lot of times it’s not about talent, it’s not about vision, it’s just process. Sometimes you just need the extra day or two, or extra year or two to grow as a human so that you’re seeing certain things within a story or within a character.”


028: Joy Bryant

028: Joy Bryant 1500 1000 Alyshia Ochse

Joy Bryant was born in a modest home in The Bronx, New York and as a young woman, was enrolled in an inner-city outreach organization called “A Better Chance,” designed to encourage minority talent. Joy was also blessed with brains as well beauty and remained an excellent student throughout her high school years. As a result, she was awarded a full academic scholarship to Yale University.

While enrolled as a full-time student at Yale, Joy was discovered by a modeling scout from Next Models Management and subsequently pursued a career as a fashion model in Paris. Her slender yet classic beauty got her an exclusive contract with prestigious brand names such as Tommy Hilfiger and the Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalogue.

Joy’s acting debut came about in 2001 in Robert Townsend‘s Carmen: A Hip Hopera. An MTV production, the film also starred Beyoncé and Mekhi Phifer, along with several hip-hop superstars. After a small role in the Eddie Murphy action comedy Showtime, she made her big breakthrough in Denzel Washington‘s directorial debut, Antwone Fisher. In 2003, she co-starred with Jessica Alba in Bille Woodruff‘s romantic drama Honey.

Most notably, Joy is known for Jasmine on 6 seasons of PARENTHOOD and Amazon’s hit show GOOD GIRLS REVOLT.

Tune in to hear how Joy handled the transition of brains to beauty and what ultimately drew her into acting.

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“I was taking a leap like I had a trust fund.  I didn’t have an actual trust fund.  I had a ‘trust’ in me which is some currency.”

“I don’t want years to go by and think I woulda, shoulda, coulda.”

“If it’s a mistake, it is my mistake to make.”

“Acting felt good enough to be curious about it, but I was completely terrified.”

“Our job is to be more human than human.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“I feel like I am just now understanding my own hands.  Understanding what makes me ME.”

“I’m on this wave and I’m not really knowing how to surf it, but I haven’t been knocked off it yet.”

“I walk into the casting session and Denzel is in the room and I lost my mind. I was totally losing my mind.  I was tripping.”

“If it was just about who was the best actor most people would not have a career.”

“Skill wise, most people would not have a career.  There are other factors involved in why and who gets a job.  Other factors that have nothing to do with you.”

“Whether or not you get a job is beyond your control.  All you can control is what you do when you go into the audition room.”

“We are looking for moments in an audition.  We are not looking for a fully realized character.”

“Acting is a confidence game.”  | CLICK TO TWEET

“Being nervous or doubting yourself is not a quality that you just have at the beginning of your career.  It happens and fluctuates throughout your whole career.”  | CLICK TO TWEET

“We were in the most incredible acting class with Denzel Washington.”

“Denzel was able to say the most in directing with saying the least amount of words possible.”

“Dig your roots down deep and hang on because you are not trying to be the leaf you need to be the tree.”  | CLICK TO TWEET

“Your sense of self can’t be connected to your career.”

“Do the task with the energy that the task demands.”  | CLICK TO TWEET

“You live a choice driven life.”  | CLICK TO TWEET

“Education was my ticket.  It expanded my horizons and experiences.”

“I didn’t get to study the stars in astrology, but I ended up among the industry in the stars.”



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