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022: Elliot Knight

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Elliot Knight grew up in the city of Birmingham, UK where he took a keen interest in the arts and drama, soon after, winning awards for his talents, including his school’s standout award for Drama Excellence and an additional Regional Acting title from Birmingham City Council for his leading role performance of Alfred Ill in The Visit. While attending The Manchester School of Theatre, where he lead as “Macbeth” in a string of toured Shakespeare performances, he won his first professional role as the titular hero in Sky 1’s popular adventure series “Sinbad”, beating out hundreds after an extensive worldwide search. Subsequently, he was lauded by Screen International as one of the much anticipated “Stars of Tomorrow” of 2011. After screen testing for leading roles in many TV pilots, Knight made his US network television debut in 2014 in ABC’s hit series “How To Get Away With Murder” and is since being recognised as one of the industry’s most exciting new talents.

Currently, Elliot can be seen on CW’s highly anticipated show LIFE SENTENCE opposite Lucy Hale.

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“There were no real sign posts along the way saying this is what you could be do as a living.”

“Growing up I was inspired to live in my own imagination.”

“I would create a world for myself to enjoy.”

“I’ve always loved music, dancing, performing it feels like my language. It makes me feel true and real.”

“The choice was made for me. My drama’s teacher enthusiasm helped shine a light on my acting.”

“It all embodies living in your imagination and letting go and things not having to make tangible sense. Our jobs as dreamers and creators to do exactly that, push the boundaries and see over the walls in front of us.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“Imagination is not about following rules and limiting yourself, it’s about expanding and exploring.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“Do you want it? Then it is yours, so go and claim it.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“Acting is constant unemployment and re-employment.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“Always know how important something is to you, don’t expect it to be treated in the same regard by everyone else.”

“There is a huge difference between your passion for acting and the industry of acting.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“An audition is an audition. It doesn’t matter where you are. It matters what’s inside of you and what you let out. That’s all that matters.”

“Never believe your own press packet. Always believe in yourself in your own realm.” | CLICK TO TWEET

“Appreciate yourself, because whatever you have to offer IS good enough because it’s your way.”


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