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Stop Waiting: Allow Yourself A World Beyond Acting

Anthony Meindl is an LA-based multi-hyphenate talent. He is a director, screenwriter, teacher, actor, coach, entrepreneur, author, and inspirational speaker. He is also the founder of AMAW studios worldwide, with studios in LA, London, NY, Vancouver, Toronto, Sydney and Atlanta.

Anthony is known for revolutionizing a more modern understanding of acting training. He has guest lectured at the Gaiety School/The National Theatre School of Ireland, the prestigious Moscow Art Theater, the Actors Centre London, and is the guest acting teacher at David Lynch’s Masters of Filmmaking Program. He has taught internationally in Sofia, Bulgaria, Rome, Capetown, South Africa, Melbourne, and Paris.

As a filmmaker, Anthony has received a number of awards and acclaim. His latest feature film, WHERE WE GO FROM HERE premiered at Outfest in Los Angeles, won the Jury Award at NYC’s East Village Queer Film Festival, and is available to view on HULU.

As an inspirational speaker he’s shared the stage with such luminaries as Jim Carey, Jack Cornfield and Tom Shadyac. He is also the author of three books: At Left Brain Turn Right, Book The F*cking Job and Alphabet Soup for Grown-ups. His latest book, You Knew When You Were Two, is soon to be published.

You can check out Anthony’s podcast In The Moment on iTunes.



“Acting is just ONE vehicle of expression of who we are.”

“You don’t need more confidence to act, you just need more courage.”


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BONUS: Risa Bramon Garcia

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Risa Bramon Garcia has a career spanning over 35 years, working as a writer, director, producer, and casting director. She’s worked in theatre, television, and film and has directed two feature films, 200 cigarettes, and The Con Artist. Garcia’s directed for HBO, Lifetime, The Twilight Zone, and Comedy Central. Theartically she’s directed numerous shows in Los Angeles and New York and has been an integral member of The Ensemble Studio Theatre for 30 years. She began her casting career with her partner Billy Hopkins with the incredibly success feature film Desperately Seeking Susan, and since then her casting career includes more than 65 feature films, including The Doors, The Joy Luck Club, Speed, JFK, Wall Street, Angel Heart, Fatal Attraction, Twister, and True Romance. In television she’s cast beloved shows such as Roseanne, Masters of Sex, The Cape, and A Gifted Man. Risa is a teacher and coach at The BGB Studio (BramonGarciaBraun) with her partner Steve Braun in Los Angeles, California.


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“Be vulnerable, but fight like hell out of that vulnerability.”

“I was frustrated with actors in the room, and I thought, I have to be able to help them through this, and that’s what inspired my teaching.”

“You are populating the landscape of the film with actors, with humanity, and you’re doing it from your knowledge and your instincts and your experience and your talent.”

“Your job as an actor is to affect people on some emotional level.”

“I don’t want to have the opinion, but I want to collaborate. I want my point of view to matter. You hired me for a reason.”

“Live the life of an actor so that an audition doesn’t define you, or wreck you.”

“There is no right and I just wish actors would really know that.”


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