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Candice Coke

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Candice hails from Long Island, New York where she was born from a Jamaican/Cuban Father and a Polish mother. In her late teens she transported to NYC where she discovered the “Artist” lifestyle. This led her to NYU, where she studied Educational Theater while on a scholarship for academics and springboard diving. She started her career dancing in the states and internationally for icons like Michael Jackson, Prince, Biggie Smalls, Ricky Martin and many others. She was a Knicks City Dancer while juggling college and appeared at the WORLD CUP in Seoul Korea. After booking over 20 national commercials and finding her way into the Independent Film world, eventually she made the transition to Los Angeles where she has been successfully working in Film and Television.

Candice has had a career filled with a range of color. She was hand picked by Werner Herzog to work along side of Wilem Dafoe in a David Lynch film, has been a key player in Tyler Perry’s Temptation, has shared the screen with talents such as Sam Elliot, Gary Sinise, and Simon Baker to name a few. You can also see her in the iconic opening scene of the Oscar winning movie La La Land, directed by Damien Chazelle. She was recurring on the hit FOX show Proven Innocent, and is now currently co-starring in Kevin Can F*** Himself with Annie Murphy for AMC.

In her spare time you can find her volunteering at Children’s Hospitals all around the Los Angeles area and giving back to her community as much as possible. She is also an ongoing player with Deborah Aquila in her Masters program.




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Skyh Black

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Rising star, Skyh Black, knows what it’s like to experience full transformation as an artist. Starting out as a dancer to some of the biggest music names in the business, Skyh can now be seen lighting up the screen as Amp ‘Addiction’ Anthony in BET’s “All the Queen’s Men,” as well as roles in “Sistas,” “Stranger Next Door,” and more. Today, Skyh shares how he built a new career as an actor from the ground up and emphasizes how everyone is on their own unique journey as an artist.

These are the unforgettable stories that landed Skyh Black right here.



  • A Haitian Wedding
  • Stranger Next Door
  • All the Queen’s Men
  • Sistas
  • Lace
  • Black Monday
  • Lucifer
  • South Central Love
  • Hello Cupid 3.0


048: Logan Browning

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Logan Browning has a film and television career spanning over fifteen years, and she is just getting started. She is best known for her breakout role in the Netflix Original “Dear White People,” in her role as Samantha White. Her performance garnered her a Black Reel Awards nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. She is known for her portrayal as Jelena Howard in BET’s “Hit the Floor,” an addictively fun drama following the L.A Devil Girls dance team. You may recognize her from her time as a series regular on Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns,” her role as Sasha in “Bratz,” and her portrayal of Zora in “Powers.” Logan has guest starred in numerous popular television shows, including “Summerland,” “The Secret Circle,” “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” and “Pair of Kings.”

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“My inner confidence comes from my enlightenment that I know that I have the power to choose how I address the world and how I want the world to see me.”

“I didn’t fall into acting but I went with this momentum that my life was going in.”

“What ultimately ended up really getting me the role of Sam on Dear White People was me telling my real story to producers.”


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