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13 Alex Feldman on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

Alex Feldman

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Alex Feldman is a Ukrainian born American Actor/Director. He is a graduate of The New York Conservatory For The Dramatic Arts. As an actor, Feldman has been a presence in Film, Theater and Television for over two decades. He has appeared on such hit shows as The Americans, Law & Order, Cold Case, Without A Trace, Law & Order: SVU, Law& Order: Criminal Intent, CSI: Miami, In Plain Sight, Shooter, NCIS,  and Code Black.  Film credits include Chernobyl Diaries, Repo Chick, The Bling Ring. Alex can soon be seen in the Dark Horse Comics produced series Grendel, and the upcoming feature film Exposure.

Alex has voiced numerous popular video game characters in franchises such as Call Of Duty and SPIDER-MAN.

In 2006 Feldman began his writing/directing career with  “SENT”, a film based on the music of Tom Waits. Since then he has directed numerous short films, the hit web-series Floored and Lifted, and the Science Fiction series Eternity Hill in which he also stars.

Alex Feldman is the CEO and founder of For Actors By Actors, a successful acting network based in Los Angeles, CA.  He serves as the On-Camera Chair at Theatre Of Arts Hollywood. Alex is a husband and a father.




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Chris Sullivan on That One Audition with Alyshia Ochse

018: Chris Sullivan

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THIS IS US made America sit up in their seats and pay attention to the man behind the immediate heart throb of Toby, Chris Sullivan.  He first gained attention for his portrayal of Tom Cleary on the Cinemax drama THE KNICK.   He played Benny Hammond in STRANGER THINGS and Taserface in GUARDIAN OF GALAXY VOL. 2.  It may appear that Chris had an easy ride to the dense career track he is on, but he has been putting in the work for over 17 years.  Graduation from Loyal Marymont University left him transformed from a Tennis pro turned actor and climbing the ladder to seek representation.   A self-proclaimed perfectionist and dedicated artist with no backup plan, listen in to see how he landed his agent several years after graduation, how he made $5000 stretch for almost a year living in Los Angeles, how Broadway prepared him for a role of a lifetime on the Cinemax show THE KNICK and how every part since The KNICK can all be traced back to that character.

Chris is currently starring on the hit NBC show THIS IS US and is the lead singer of the band SULLY AND THE BENEVOLENT FOLK.

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